Virginia Fontana

POSTED BY wp_8011800 | Ago, 09, 2018 |

I’m Virginia and I’m 32. I tried many diets but no way. Then, one day, looking at Dr Solimeno’s website, I noticed that many people lose weight. So, something in me pushed me to reserve a visit at him’s. Day by day the results were increasingly evident, but without too big sacrifices. With calm and simplicity, without any stress and eating healthy and correctly.
Dr Solimeno is an excellent person, he doesn’t demoralize you because he follows and sustains you. Today I feel a right person. I left behind me old body, it isn’t part of me anymore. My goal is go on tenaciously. My proof has to be a push to each persone who suffers from obesity, which brings a lot of diseases, like gastric reflux and insomnia, which I had. Today I feel super and I don’t take any type of medicine. I want to thank Dr Solimeno for his being a great doctor and a bighearted person. Thank you for made me a different and happy person.


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