Umberto Avino

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I’m Umberto, I’m 36 and I’ve the passion for motorcycles. Two years ago I risked my life because of a brutal accident which gave me many injuries to almost all my body. I couldn’t eat and sleep for months, I lost 25 kg, my body didn’t belong to me anymore, I almost couldn’t stand up. After months of therapies, the moment to take back my body came, even if I feared. I was used to the best in life, so I had to understand if I really wanted to reach the top in everything, to be followed by someone who is yet at the top, someone who has the top as a lifestyle. In January 2016 I went at Solimeno’s with a body that was a total shame! Diet integration, workout. Let’s start. There has been a great feeling also in the composition of the workout schedule, trying to understand which were the most suitable exercises for my condition, listening to my feedbacks and explaining me everything.


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