Raffaele Mauro

POSTED BY wp_8011800 | Ago, 09, 2018 |

Hi, my names Raffaele. My workout itinerary started ten months ago, suggested by some friends who were trained by Dr Solimeno, so I wanted to give myself a challeng and see which results I would have reached. Dr Solimeno gave me suggests, passion and had determination to incite me; those ones seduced me and I, time after time, gave the best of me without never give up. Now, seeing these results in such a short time gives me a great satisfaction. I can only say “thank you” for your professionalism and experience.

Without drastic diets and without exhaustive workouts, following a correct nutrition plan and a constant workout, I can say that I have been able to reach a great physical goal.  I’ve never been so in shape.

Thank you, Salvatore, you’re great! But it doesn’t end…


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