Luigi Cipolletta

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I’m Luigi, I’m 27 and I’m an instructor/personal trainer and, thanks to Salvatore, I am a Mars Physique Athlete (2016 Campania Regional champion Wabba) too. My itinerary with Salvatore began about seven months ago, when, one day, I looked myself at the mirror and saw that there weren’t improvements with workouts despite the sacrifices. I have to thank a friend who talked me about him, so I took courage to start this itinerary with him and, togheter we built something great and a body who makes me what I am today. I have with him a friendly and respectful relationship based on sincerity and on his encouragement which motivates me a lot to give the best of me. I owe him all my respect as athlete, doctor and, most important, as man.
Thank you, Salvatore Solimeno


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