Giovanna Orazzo

POSTED BY wp_8011800 | Ago, 09, 2018 |

I’m Giovanna, I’m 22 and I’m a student. I have known Salvatore at 20 and I was coming from a bad time. I’ve always suffered of hypothyroidism, that blocked my metabolism and gave me water retention. I tried a lot of diets, entrusting to wrong people, and maybe I’ve never believed in it deeply. Immediately I entrusted him and he became my coach and the person who looked after my nutrition and workout with a program made only for me.
My before/after photos speak by themselves.
The itinerary has been hard, I have to admit but, with the willing and constancy to love themselves and the body, all sacrifices will always be repaid. I have been lucky because I have never been alone with him as friend, who was a sustain, a person with who share everything.


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