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I’m Giovanna, I’m 22 and I’m a student. I have known Salvatore at 20 and I was coming from a bad time. I’ve always suffered of hypothyroidism, that blocked my metabolism and gave me water retention. I tried a lot of diets, entrusting to wrong people, and maybe I’ve never believed in it deeply. Immediately I entrusted him and he became my coach and the person who looked after my nutrition and workout with a program made only for me. Read more

Giovanna Orazzo

At the beginning of my itinerary I was disoriented and demotivated, but I’ve always said to me that, if a loser finds an excuse, a winner finds a way. It’s only your merit if I found the best way for me to become what I am now!
“Come back into shape in 12 weeks”? My first finish it has been going down from 105kg to 87,3kg. Maybe it took less than 12 weeks. And photos speak by themselves. Read more

Giuseppe Cinque

I’m Umberto, I’m 36 and I’ve the passion for motorcycles. Two years ago I risked my life because of a brutal accident which gave me many injuries to almost all my body. I couldn’t eat and sleep for months, I lost 25 kg, my body didn’t belong to me anymore, I almost couldn’t stand up. After months of therapies, the moment to take back my body came, even if I feared. I was used to the best in life, so I had to understand if I really wanted to reach the top in everything, to be followed by someone who is yet at the top, someone who has the top as a lifestyle. Read more

Umberto Avino

I’m Luigi, I’m 27 and I’m an instructor/personal trainer and, thanks to Salvatore, I am a Mars Physique Athlete (2016 Campania Regional champion Wabba) too. My itinerary with Salvatore began about seven months ago, when, one day, I looked myself at the mirror and saw that there weren’t improvements with workouts despite the sacrifices. I have to thank a friend who talked me about him, so I took courage to start this itinerary with him and, togheter we built something great and a body who makes me what I am today. Read more

Luigi Cipolletta

I’m Virginia and I’m 32. I tried many diets but no way. Then, one day, looking at Dr Solimeno’s website, I noticed that many people lose weight. So, something in me pushed me to reserve a visit at him’s. Day by day the results were increasingly evident, but without too big sacrifices. With calm and simplicity, without any stress and eating healthy and correctly. Read more

Virginia Fontana

I’m Giuseppe Marino, I’m 41, I work with techno gym since some years and recently I decided to put myself on the line attending to some competitions of Men’s Physique. To have a sculpted body I only had to go to Dr Salvatore Solimeno, unique in the sector. Great coach but, first of all, great friend! I owe him a lot, humanly and professionally: he showed me that where there’s a will, then there’s a way! A hug! Thank you much, Salvatore Solimeno.

Pino Marino

My name’s Pasquale and I’m 25. Three years ago I decided to join the gym to improve my physical appareance and, despite my many sacrifices, I didn’t get the results I expected. Only in this last nine months, the results became concrete thanks to Salvatore Solimeno. My body changed radically. My sacrifices weren’t vain thanks to him, which is a great expert and persone. Now I’m satisfied about my physical appareance and I owe it to him. Thank you so much, boss.

Pasquale Iadicicco

What can I say? These photos talk by themselves. At left there’s a person who attended assiduously the gym with diet and privations without obtaining a result. At right, there’s the same person one year after have known Salvatore Solimeno. A serious professional, a friend always available, a mentor who is a true motivational person. My life totally changed; finally, every sacrifice found his reason. And the best has yet to come…

Raffaele Meola

Hi, my names Raffaele. My workout itinerary started ten months ago, suggested by some friends who were trained by Dr Solimeno, so I wanted to give myself a challeng and see which results I would have reached. Dr Solimeno gave me suggests, passion and had determination to incite me; those ones seduced me and I, time after time, gave the best of me without never give up. Now, seeing these results in such a short time gives me a great satisfaction. I can only say “thank you” for your professionalism and experience. Read more

Raffaele Mauro

Nothing’s impossible in life. If you start with this idea, every goal is reachable. With willpower, perseverance and self-denial, you can climb enormous mountains. In all this, there’s always need of a mentor, someone who shows us the right way to go. Thanks to Salvatore Solimeno, a skilled and trustworthy expert, accurate and avaible, a great person, friend. I managed to reach this hard goal. In only eight months I’ve lost more than 30 kg and my joints and my physical conditions improved. Read more

Giuseppe Vallefuoco

My qualified trainers team

The trainers you’ll find totally available in the gym

Valerio Cataletto

Istruttore Sala e Body Building - Istruttore allenamento funzionale | Abs and bodybuilding trainer - Trainer of functional training

  • Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Motorie e Benessere - Master Posturologia clinica | master’s degree in sport sciences and wellness - master’s degree in clinical posturing 100%
  • Operatore di R.I.P.RIEQUILIBRIO posturale integrato | Integrated postural rebalancing operator 100%
  • Operatore Metodo Mezieres (J.M CITTONE) | Mezieres method operator (J.M CITTONE) 100%

Giuseppe Guastaferro

Personal Traniner - Istruttore Sala e Body Building | Personal trainer - abs and bodybuilding trainer

  • Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Motorie per la Prevenzione ed il Benessere | Master’s degree in sport sciences for wellness and prevention 100%
  • Master Monotematico sulla Nutrizione (dott. Solimeno) | Single topic nutrition master (dott. Solimeno) 100%
  • Personal Traniner & Istruttore Sala e Body Building | Personal trainer abs & bodybuilding trainer 100%

Alfonso Buondonno

Personal Traniner - Istruttore Sala e Body Building | Personal trainer - abs and bodybuilding trainer

  • Master Monotematico sulla Nutrizione (Dott. Solimeno) | Single topic nutrition master (Dott. Solimeno) 100%
  • Personal Trainer 100%
  • Istruttore Sala e Body Building | Abs and bodybuilding trainer 100%

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